Let us help correct functional impairments of the skeletal system. With this service, we work with extremities and spines, along with associated components like muscles and ligaments. Our manual therapies help children:

  • Correct alignment.

  • Improve movement, balance, and coordination.

  • Place less stress on joints from wear and tear.

  • Increase endurance.



Primitive reflexes are repetitive, automatic movements typically developed during infancy. These can include but are not limited to, motor and sucking. Integrating these reflexes is essential for head control, muscle tone, sensory integration and development.

We use tested techniques to help kids progress in their development. By working with us, children are able to move more freely and easily through the world.



Our gait (walk), along with the capability to balance, helps us maintain an upright position. Together, the two are critical components in fall prevention, as they help us right ourselves. Elements of balance include the visual system (eyes and head), vestibular system (inner ear) and somatosensory (skin, muscles, nerves and joints). Our training techniques will work to improve the foundation of your child’s balance and gait.

At Therapy in Motion, we help:

  • Teaching stepping patterns
  • Increasing core stability and control.
  • Expand the visual field.
  • Bring feet closer together.

In working with us, kids:

  • Improve balance and coordination.
  • Decrease their fall risk.
  • Are able to navigate both inside and outside.
  • Build playground skills.



Our experienced team works with low, high and fluctuating tone. During each session, you will be educated on the movement patterns, techniques and stretches that will best assist your child. Our personalized approach helps each person reach his or her greatest movement potential.

Our approach to tone management includes:

  • Stretches
  • Education for families on medicine physicians would prescribe
  • Kinesio taping, positioning and/or orthotics.
  • Manual therapy
  • Massage
  • Parent education on body alignment

After working with our therapists, kids:

  • Move more freely
  • Are in a better position
  • Have improved weight bearing for standing, crawling or walking
  • Have increased comfort
  • Experience relaxation



This program uses developmental movements, gentle isometric pressure and self-awareness to build the foundation for overcoming learning, sensory, emotional and behavioral challenges. They are often used to integrate primitive reflexes (link to primitive reflexes page) and consist of a series of head to toe movements.

By working with us, children are able to move more freely and easily through the world. They are also able to separate their core from their lower body, giving them the sensation of relaxation and stability.



Used to develop motor skills, Kinesio Taping is a rehabilitative technique designed to facilitate the body’s natural healing process, while providing support and stability to muscles and joints.

By using Kinesio Taping, we focus on:

  • Improving alignment
  • Increasing relaxation
  • Facilitating or inhibiting movement patterns, as appropriate
  • Pain and scar management



Our orthotic assessment includes an in-depth examination of the foot and lower body, as well as gait analysis. Whether you’re in need of a cranial helmet or foot/ankle alignment, we can help guide your family through the process.

  1. We start by determining if there is a need for an orthotic.
  2. If so, we will refer you to an orthotist in the area with a physician’s order.
  3. After receiving your child’s equipment, we will work with him or her after for therapy.

Let us find the right fit for your child.

Assessments for Seating, Mobility and Equipment Needs


We have extensive training and experience with complex rehabilitation seating and mobility needs. Over the years, we’ve provided assessments for wheel chairs and gait trainers to increase mobility and body alignment.

We will partner with you to discover the right seating and positioning based on your child’s needs. Let us guide your family through the process.

  1. We start by determining if there is a need for a device.
  2. If so, we will refer you to a specialist in the area.
  3. After receiving your child’s equipment, we will work with him or her for their therapy needs.



Yoga helps the mind and body work together through poses and breathing. It can help increase agility and balance, while building confidence. We use classic yoga techniques to build all three in children.

By practicing yoga, children benefit from:

  • Strengthened cores
  • Increased flexibility
  • Improved balance
  • Greater mobility
  • Better coordination
  • Enhanced visual processing



Let us help your child expand their range of motion and strength to increase their overall mobility. We do this through passive and active stretching techniques, along with natural child play. Our team will help you incorporate these activities into your daily routine, rather than adding more tasks to your busy schedule.

Through general strengthening and range of motion techniques, we help children:

  • Improve alignment
  • Increase relaxation
  • Facilitate or inhibit movement, as appropriate
  • Improve endurance

Reach new heights with Therapy in Motion
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